The Innovation Rhythm Wheel™ is our holistic process for developing breakthrough innovations.

Depending on the individual client situation, we may use all or some of these steps to achieve the desired objectives.

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Consumer Unmet Needs

Revealing what consumers are thinking and how they make product choices

  • Deep diving into your existing research by our team of psychologists and consumer insight experts to identify areas of opportunities or ideas for input
  • Translating those learnings into testable hypotheses about insights
  • Conducting additional, thoughtful qualitative and quantitative research as necessary
  • Unearthing insights that will inform development, impact communication and motivate purchase

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Competitive Analysis

Understand the global industry dynamics by analyzing the key drivers

  • Sales – Country – Region – Category – Company
  • Claims Analysis – Theme Map
  • Product Cost Analysis – Reverse Engineering
  • Intellectual Property Landscape – Theme Map Analysis

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Technology Mapping

Enabling superior claims and efficacy by using the appropriate technology sets available for the multigenerational pipeline

Technology Mapping

  • Current Technology
  • Technology under development – Technology “S” curves
  • Academia & Government Scans

Appropriate technology sets available for the multigenerational pipeline. Integration with Competitive Analysis.

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90 Day Innovation Sprint

Please contact us so we can show you our “90 Day Innovation Sprint.”

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Program Plan

Comprehensive macro level plan that frames in the resources, costs and timing for the final product to launch in the market.

  • External resources required
  • Risk mitigation plans
  • Develop product in conjunction with 510K approval process
  • Procure tooling during R&D phase without risk
  • Program Costs from final concept to product launch
    • Capital
    • Expense

The program plan allows management to review the ideas, timing and investments at the start of the project.

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Research, Development & Feasibility

Speed to learning – efficacy – consumer response – overall experience

  • Full Service Offering: Device Design & Formulation for Disposable product
    • Focus Groups – Ethnographic Studies – Consumer Immersion
    • Complete Device Design: CAD – Rapid Prototyping – Tooling
    • Product development for disposables (formulations and/or throw-aways)
    • Range finding and preclinical efficacy work
    • Test method, actual testing & associated equipment development
  • 510K determination and impact to schedule
  • Full patent disclosure capabilities
  • Parallel manufacturing development for high risk areas

Device Design for low cost and manufacturability

  • Design for Value Principles & Quality Functional Deployment
  • We leverage our factories or yours early in the design
  • Risk mitigation plans for speed to market approach
  • Designs allow for easy upgrades without obsoleting initial capital

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Manufacturing Commercialization

World Class “Global” Partnerships

  • Device manufacturers
  • Machine builders

Concept Development

  • Design Review consultation
  • Recommendations for product changes to improve manufacturability
  • “Proof of Principal” Modules to mitigate high risk
  • Custom Equipment

Specializing in the design and build of complex devices & manufacturing systems

  • High speed & indexing equipment automated assembly and manufacturing cells
  • Converting technology – Liquid filling – Discrete assembly – Sterilization Technologies
  • Semi automatic systems utilizing fixtures – Quick changeover designs
  • Product and package inspection systems – Cognex, LVS & Systech Vision Systems
  • Molding expertise

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